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Learn how to dehydrate foods! Everything you need to know about food dehydration can be found here, straight from the experts themselves. Dehydrating is the removal of moisture from foods to allow for better preservation and long term storage. There are many tricks, rules, and boundaries when dehydrating, making the process a true art. Here at Dehydrate2Store we are dedicated to educating those who are ready and excited to learn. From beginner to expert, you will learn to dehydrate fruits, vegetables, meals, and so much more!

So why dehydrate? Dehydrating food is about being prepared. When you dehydrate foods you are able to maximize the shelf life of many products, thus preparing yourself and your family in the case of an emergency. Not convinced yet? Dehydrating food saves time, saves money, and helps the environment by ensuring that less energy be used and less material be wasted.

On this site you will learn to build your pantry for long term food storage, cook fast and simple meals with prepackaged foods, store food for years and re-hydrate it back to new! Also you will find instructional videos, delicious recipes using dehydrated foods, helpful hints, important information, and great ideas.

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The Ultimate Dehydrator Cookbook

The Ultimate Dehydrator Cookbook

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