Watermelon Taffy (Dehydrated Watermelon)
Submitted By: Eric Hornbaker

Total Cooking Time: 1 hr prep.. 24 to 48 hr to dry 
Serving Size:  
15 servings 
1 wholeSeedless Watermelon (I use Large oval melons when possible)
Cut watermelon rind completely off (no white) only pink/red fruit ---- I usually cut the melon in half lengthwise.. turn it over flatside down..cut half slices 1/4 to 3/8 inch thick.. then cut the rind off
Cut fruit into strips 1/4 inch thick by 1 inch wide by 3 or 4 inches long pieces and Place slices on dehydrator screen (not on rollup films).. you want the air flow to get to both sides of the slices so the melon doesnt get soggy and cook.
Dehydrate between 24 hours and 48 hours. Somewhere between 115 and 135 depending on how taffy like you want it.. or, until fruit is no longer mooshy. the consistensy will equal that of taffy.
Lay pieces on wax paper and roll it up like a cigar. To store long term, roll up those rolls into 3 or 4 inch diameter circles and place in a wide-mouth ball jar. When jar is completely full, place a desicant bag on top to absorb any excess moisture, with an oxygen absorber in the jar. And seal jar with lid.
You can eat it dehydrated, like taffy or, you can rehydrate it by placing strips into cold water for about 3 hours. When it is rehydrated, the fruit will be flimsy (not crisp) but it will have a fresh melon taste. Sometimes, when you first chew the taffy/leather, it might taste a slight hint of fermentation. But, that taste will go away after a few seconds or so and you wont be able to taste that anymore. It is expected anytime you dehydrate highly sugary foods.