How to Dehydrate Horned Melon (Kiwano):

The horned melon (or kiwano) is an interesting treat you’ve provably never even tried! Traditionally, you can not eat the skin of this melon, and instead you scoop out the green jelly inside into a bowl and slurp it off the seeds. The taste is like a fresh very gently sweetened cucumber. Another way to eat it, however, is to make dehydrated chips! The chips you can eat the skin. It will be a crunchy gently sweet taste, perhaps an acquired taste, and is high in vitamin A, and also a beautiful garnish!


  • Rinse and then pat dry
  • Horizontally slice into 1/8 thick slices with the peeling on.
  • Evenly spread on your dehydrator tray.
  • Dehydrate at 125 degrees Fahrenheit for 12 hours.
  • Store in a vacuum and Mylar bag for later use in recipes

Dryness Check:

A properly dehydrated horned melon slice will “click” when dropped on the table, and should feel dry and not sticky to the touch. They will also be easily torn or broken in half. If yours do not feel this way, just put them back in the dehydrator for a few more hours!

Other Tips:

I dehydrate with the peelings on and simply eat the peels! A horned melon is hard, if not impossible, to peel.


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