How to Dehydrate Lemons:

Dehydrated lemons can be used to make lemonade or infused water, or used in various recipes such as delicious lemon tart desserts! You can also bake fish on top in a dish with 1/4 inches of water for a fresh lemon burst! You can also dehydrate lemon zest or fine ground dehydrated lemons to make dry rubs or seasoning for grilling or other dishes. They are light weight and will last many years if stored properly.


  • Wash lemons with soap and water
  • Horizontally slice into 1/8 thick slices.
  • Evenly spread on your dehydrator tray.
  • Dehydrate at 125 degrees Fahrenheit for 8-10 hours.
  • Store in a vacuum and Mylar bag for later use in recipes, or eat as is!

Dryness Check:

A properly dehydrated lemon chip will “click” when dropped on the table, and should feel dry and not sticky to the touch. They will also be somewhat malleable but can be broken in half but not crumbled.  If yours do not feel this way, just put them back in the dehydrator for a few more hours!

Other Tips:

Are your lemons dark brown in color after dehydrating? You probably are dehydrating at too high a temp! Try 125 degrees for 8-10 hours! Also, always use a stainless steel blade to slice! Despite these tips, some lemons will still turn dark in color over time, but they are still good to use!


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