How to Dehydrate Mandarin Oranges:

Dehydrated mandarin oranges make a fun snack, especially for kids! Chewy and sweet like candy, but without the processed sugars and dyes.

If dehydrated completely, they can be stored for years if vacuum sealed, and months to a year in a mason jar. If dehydrated partially (see Other Tips), they should be eaten within a few weeks. Store away from direct sunlight!


  • Remove the peels, and dehydrate those separately. Peelings can be ground into powder for teas and meat rubs, etc.
  • Section the orange into its natural sections.
  • Spread the slices on the dehydrator tray.
  • Coat evenly with a thin coat of lemon juice. For ease, hold the tray over the sink and use a lemon juice bottle with spray cap. 
  • Dehydrate at 125 degrees Fahrenheit for 10-12 hours. You can also dehydrate for less time (8 hours) if you want a chewier product more similar to raisins, but keep in mind that those should be eaten within a few weeks and not stored for years.
  • Store in a vacuum with Mylar bag for long-term, or a mason jar with oxygen pack for shorter term.

Dryness Check:

A fully dehydrated mandarin slice will feel dry and should not be sticky to the touch or stick together. They will also be somewhat malleable and can be torn in half but not crumbled. If yours do not feel this way, just put them back in the dehydrator for a few more hours!

A dried, but not fully dehydrated, mandarin slice will feel slightly moist and sticky, and will be chewy like a raisin.

Other Tips:

We generally consider something to be “fully dehydrated” if >95% of the moisture is removed, which is determined non-scientifically by look and feel. However, you can also “dry” but not “fully dehydrate” some items for a different desired texture. For example, when you go to the dried fruit aisle at your local grocery store you may notice that the “dry” items are still moist to the touch. They may be labeled as “dehydrated,” but if they are moist we would not consider that truly dehydrated.

If you want your mandarins to be soft and somewhat moist (like the consistency of a raisin) you can dehydrate for a shorter period of time at the same temperature; approximately 8 hours. 

When completely dehydrated, these will last for years, but if only partially dried they should be eaten within a few weeks.


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